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Made from Scratch

Hey everyone, Rosemary here! Welcome to My Grandmother's Pantry's Blog.

My grandmother, Louise, my aunt, Harriet, and my mom, Emily, taught me how to can when I was just a kid. At the time, I was not pleased that I was being kept indoors to help with the peeling and cooking, but now I appreciate the time I spent with my family. More often than not, Grandmother did not know what she would be canning until Grandaddy showed up with a truckload of produce. Sometimes it was produce he grew himself on their land, but sometimes it was produce they traded with the other farmers that lived in the area.

For my family, canning and preserving was a way of life. You canned what you could when you could so that you could eat on it all year long. For me, canning is a respite from my "real job" and an opportunity to connect with my heritage. What makes it even better is that I am a history buff, so I LOVE learning about the "behind the scenes" stuff that happened in my grandmother's kitchen.

SO from my kitchen to your pantry, please enjoy these sweet treats prepared just the way my grandmother made them!

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