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Grandmother knew best...

... about home, family, and most importantly, the kitchen!


Based in the northwestern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, My Grandmother's Pantry is your preferred source for old-fashioned, high-quality, homemade goodies.


From our scrumptious classic pies, to our homemade jams, jellies, and our own unique creations -- everything we make is prepared the way Grandmother used to do it... with a deep respect for good old Southern kitchen traditions, plus a few signature twists!


Upscale taste meets downhome goodness at My Grandmother's Pantry -- where we create memories for your mouth!​​​

Bowl of Berries

A note from the boss:

“If you're reading this, then you probably received a gift from me or someone in my family. I hope you enjoy sampling a taste of what I learned from my Mom and Grandmother, and that it creates delicious memories for you just as it did for me."

Rosemary Turner

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